Creating has always awakened the Light within me.

  In 2016 I retired pursuing my passion to create Art full time.

My greatest surprise on this journey is the powerful connection I discovered when using the camera my husband gave me as a birthday gift. My Canon camera soon became an extension of my arm. This medium has given me the opportunity as an artist to photograph images fulfilling my need to create. 

  I love nature and  I believe it connects us spiritually. I enjoy capturing the beauty of flowers and landscapes that fill my senses with feeling, color, healing, love and beauty all which are essential for the soul.

  My goal is to inspire others with my self taught work while on my journey to Enlightenment. 


" A photographer captures a separate reality through the lens of their camera and  interprets the moment as ART" 

                                                              Frocyn Varvaro          

         My work is available for purchase upon request. 

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